Our Principles

At gravitas we have defined four simple principles that we believe guide and shape the form of work which earns us the right to connect with people and makes more effective communication.

Reseach Based                                    ︎
The foundation of any meaningfull work comes from a great understading of the problem and the audience. What is the business problem, who is  the audience, what matters to them and where they spend their time. Understading the business we work with and the audience we communicate to allows us to know what is right to do.

Strategically Led                                 ︎
Our work is build on the brand purpose and comes from a clear creative strategy which always is shaped by the problem, and formed for the audience.

Audience Minded                                ︎
In the ever-raging battle for attention, audiences no longer care what we’ve got to say. We have to earn the right to communicate by creating work that adds value to people’s lives. Work which people actually would welcome and want.

Creatively Driven                                ︎
Creating the best work is what is most important to us and what drives us. We believe that communication can manifest in any form, and there are many possible ways to engage with audiences. It’s just a matter of defining the right form for the right audience.


gravitas studio

We are a creative studio based in Aarhus, Denmark & London, UK. Call us on +4524209741 or write to hello@gravitas.studio for any inquiries.

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